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We would like to acknowledge that our farm is on the traditional territory of the Coast Salish Peoples

Cedar Organics is located next to Quenelle Lake in sunny Cedar, BC on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The area is green all year round and close enough to the Salish Sea that we can actually smell the salt air. The Cedar region is known for its rich agricultural heritage, including BC Bud, and our land has been a working farm for over fifty years. Our soil is Class One peat and the unique microclimate makes it ideal for growing great cannabis. 




From the very beginning, generation to generation, our family has always had a philosophy. It was instilled in us at an early age and we try to apply it to as many life experiences as possible; family comes first. 

When we talk about family, we’re referring to everyone that walks through our gate is welcomed with open arms. Our goal is to create an all-inclusive, supportive and positive work environment for aspiring agriculturists, entrepreneurs, production technologists, and people who are determined to change the way the world looks at the Cannabis industry.  We use this approach when building our team and maintaining a strong, unified staff. We care about our people and do our best to provide them with all the tools and resources they need to grow, succeed and flourish in this budding industry. Our team is our family, and we empower them daily to treat our business as their own and to truly take ownership of their ideas and decisions. There is nothing more fulfilling than observing the growth of our employees who create passion and value in their work and watching them succeed.

Our plants

Being one of the first Outdoor Licenced Producers on Vancouver Island, we are in a unique place to occupy a leading position in the market for premium outdoor cannabis. Our climate and location put us in a rare bracket of growers who not only have the ability to grow in real outdoor soil, but to do things by hand, the “old fashioned way.” Growing outdoors takes skill and with the help from Mother Nature, our plants thrive on 24 acres of raw sunlight and fresh west coast air.

Our intention is to procure a high-quality product line of concentrates with everything from live hash rosin to bubble hash, flower rosin, caviar and shatter. There’s something special about allowing this historic plant to thrive in the outdoor environment as it has flourished for hundreds of years.